Pesasur holds three reg. Brands recently updated :

  • Pesasur
  • Campionessa
  • Campeador

The distribution strategy is different from country to country and from brand to brand. Nevertheless as a general policy Pesasur never allocates same branded products to several distributors in the same area to avoid distributors sale policy interferences.

Pesasur is a great private label manufacturer too (in its customer’s private brand)

In several export countries, some of the best importers, hypermarkets and supermarkets groups, believe in Pesasur and allocates to Pesasur the production of fish preserves in their own first private label brand.

Pesasur returns its customers confidence with good and constant quality of its products and with an excellent service targetted to optimize its customers stock with weekly deliveries.

Upon request, Pesasur can provide references of its consolidated private label customers.

The main advantages of private label productions are:

  • Pesasur accepts small private label productions runs
  • Pesasur offers a wide range of different qualities of fish preserves as well as of formats in cans and in glass jars
  • Pesasur offers private label weekly deliveries and therefore the rotation of stock at its private label customers is very fast
  • Pesasur offers very attractive private label production economic conditions.


Pesasur ships out its orders from its own factory located at Ayamonte, Spain (Andalucía):

  • Dayly by 20’ full container load from algeciras harubour, Spain
  • Dayly by full truck load, free delivered Pesasur customers warehouse
  • Every friday by 5 pallets minimum assorted order groupage free delivried Pesasur customer warehouse (for u.e. Countries only). The arrival is scheduled on wednesday or thursday of the coming week