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Pesasur built its new factory in accordance with the newest e.u. Standards for high quality fish preserves production. Pesasur focuses on the selection and lab test of its raw materials. All steps of the manufacturing process (flow chart) are constantly carefully monitored. Monitoring of finished products is always there too by testing them in specialised labs, as well as by tracking every production batch etc. Etc.

Pesasur pays great attention to the selection and the motivation of their labor (150 people) in order to produce the best fish preserves the respect for the traditional canning process and the "knowledge" of the business are important factors.

Pesasur labour is highly qualified for the production of canned and salted fish and they support the company in which, some of them, they had been working for generations. The above is our guarantee for placing Pesasur production among the hygher quality products in all our sale markets.


Pesasur manufactures its preserves starting from fresh fishes. Moreover Pesasur elaborates fresh fishes in accordance to the strict EU Standards for PGI Labelled products (protected geographical indication) as well as under the rules for manufactoring fish preserves in organic oil.

Fresh fish and tightest rules for its manufactoring proicess give the best insurance for the highest quality of all Pesasur products.

Pesasur is the first fish preserves factory to get such high valued certification in the spanish Andalucía region.

Since 2009, Pesasur enters the high valued and high quality market of organic products.

Pesasur always elaborates wild captured fish including the for salmons. Such fish raw material never comes from fish farms. We carefully carve by hand the fillets and pack them in excellent extra virgin olive oil coming from organic mills. CAAE checks and certifies every batch of Pesasur organic production.

Pesasur offers complete ranges from following fresh/local fishes:

  • Fresh Andalucia Mackerel one of our PGI  products
  • Fresh skip jack tuna fish (katsuwonus pelamis)
  • Fresh sardines (sardina pilchardus)
  • Fresh Andalucía frigate tuna (auxis rochei thazard) is one of u.e. Geographical protected identification (I.G.P.)

Pesasur makes its fish preserves starting from the following high valued imported range of fishes:

  • Yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares)
  • Tuna from madrague (thunnus thynnus)
  • Salmon (oncorhynchus kisutch)
  • Beuga or european sturgeon (huso huso)

At Pesasur we carry out all the production process by hand without chemical products, colourings and/or preservatives with the traditional spanish manufactoring process and in accordance with the standards established by consejo regulador caballa y melva de Andalucía for I.G.P. Certification and established by CAAE for our organic products.

Fish preserves production as per spanish tradition

Pesasur production process:

  1. Reception of fresh or frozen fish.
  2. Fish heading and gutting.
  3. Fish cooking in brine water.
  4. Hand cleaning of the cooked fish carried out with knife. Labour removes the skeen and the meat close to the bone with some clots of blood.
  5. Fishes knife kutting in steaks or in filets depending on the required presentation of the final preserves. The size of filets or of steaks is in accordance to the size of the final packing (size of different cans or jars) of Pesasur production line.
  6. Hand packing of steaks or fillets in cans or glass jars.
  7. Automatic filling of the covering liquid: olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, brine.
  8. Automatic and hermetic closing of cans or glass jars.
  9. Sterilization at controlled temperature and pressure.
  10. Automatic cleaning of glass jars and cans with hot water. Therefore, final packing in cartons.

These are the variables to determine price and quality

The factors to determine price and quality of fish preserves are:

A) selection of the raw materials: 

  • Fishing sea waters (fao……)
  • Valued fish variety (different qualities of tuna of salmon etc)
  • The flag of the fishing fleet
  • % fat of the fish (depending on the fishing season)
  • How fresh is the fish when arrives to Pesasur factory (histamine figure)
  • Exterior appearance of the fish when arrives to Pesasur factory (shocks, skin less? Cuts etc)
  • Quality (acidity and other lab tests) of the olive oil
  • Olive oil coming from normal or organic production
  • Flower salt, or usual sea salt

B) selection of the fish preserves manufactoring area (country or region):

  • The county in which the manufactoring factory is located can belong to the u.e. Or to third world countries (africa, latin america, southeast asia)
  • The area in which is located the manufactoring country can hold a consolidated tradition in the production of fish preserves
  • Qualified labour for hand manufactoring steaks or filet fishes

C) labour:

Hand-made fish preserves as per tradition require qualified labour to get quality and economic return (productivity, costs production, quality of product).

Manufactoring rules

All the Pesasur production follows the production and quality rules established by its council «consejo regulador de las indicaciones geográficas protegidas caballa de Andalucía y melva de Andalucía ».

Among these rules :

  • Pesasur peel and elaborate fishes by hand, without using any chemical products.
  • Pesasur do not use any dyes or preservatives in its manufactoring prosess.
  • Pesasur accepts periodical external bodies audits at different steps of its manufacturing process as well as at its final products.

With ref pesaur production in organic oil, Pesasur follows strictly the rules that it undertook with CAAE, certification body for such organic productions.

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